Executive Director’s Philosophy

Mrs. Langley is dedicated to developing the spirit, the mind and the body. This is achieved in three ways:

In relation to children
We believe it is important to provide quality care in a safe and supportive environment that fosters physical, emotional, cognitive and social growth. Each child is an individual and needs to be treated as such. They come in all shapes and sizes and at all stages of development. I believe in guiding them through these stages and building them up.


In relation to families:
The most important people in the child’s life are their families and they have valuable information to share. They trust us with their children and our goal is to build upon that trust by being professional, dependable, honest and most importantly caring.

In relation to the staff:
We realize and respect that every staff member is an individual with diverse needs, interest, skills, knowledge and experiences. I will encourage them to work as a team by motivating and supporting them and each other. When staff feel good about themselves and are included with the team environment, they will provide a more supportive role towards the children and their families. I believe that the greatest teacher is demonstration and my goal is to lead by example.