Wesley’s teaching staff represents a diverse group of teachers from different parts of the world with one common goal, to educate and improve the lives of young children. Our staff strives to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Many of them are continuing their education and training in the field of early childhood education.

Marie N. Wagner
Ms. Marie is the teacher of the Caterpillar class. She has been a staff at Wesley Child Care Center since 1995. Her credentials include an Associates degree in Early Childcare Development from Urban College. She also received a certification from Bard College and the Strive Prepared program of Boston.

Ms. Marie loves and cares passionately for all children in her care. She is warm, has a great sense of humor and a deep compassion for all staff. She communicates very well with the children and their families. On her free time, Ms. Marie enjoys organizing and planning activities for her classroom.

Deborah Wagner:
Assistant Director
“Every day is different.” Over the past 38 years that I have worked at Wesley that is the one thing that is constant. We all wear many hats and hold meaningful roles in the lives of the children and families that we serve. It touches my heart to see former students come back to Wesley to visit, volunteer, and enroll their children. Our second generation of children has many branches in our Wesley family tree. Our roots go back over 45 years when we first became incorporated.

I received my Bachelor Degree from Wheelock College in 2008 in Human Development and Family Culture. I enjoy traveling, going to the beach, and shopping for the best bargains (every coupons counts) .

Kathleen Butler
Lead Teacher
Ms. Butler is Lead Teacher in the k-1 Boston Public School PEG classroom at Wesley. She has been teaching Early Childhood Education for the last 8 years, 6 ½ years at the Wesley Child Care. Although she entered the teaching field later than others she feels very lucky to be with the students setting goals every day so that each child is ready scholastically and socially to move on and succeed.

She works hard to ensure that children are learning interactively and utilize each other as resources. She is always thinking ahead on the ways she can accommodate her students and add elements into her classroom to inspire the children.

Her relationship with parents is exemplary and she truly see them as partners, letting them know how they can support their child’s learning and participate in the classroom. She provides support to the families in any way necessary for their success.

She received her Bachelor of Education from Northeastern University, Boston, Ma and her CDA from Quincy College. She has worked with both the NAEYC and BAEYC, taking many of their classes including LEAP and Early Childhood Administration. BAEYC selected Kathleen to win the “Relationship Award” at their yearly gala.

In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, reading and at time Politics, but she never stops thinking about how she can prepare her students to better themselves for their next step in their educational life.

Mrs. Fadia Delva- Hoffman
Fadia Delva-Hoffman (also known as Ms. Fa-Fa) has been working at Wesley Child Care Center for over 25 years. She came to the center at the age of 14 from a Summer ABCD Program. She may be just a teacher to some, but to her students she is a HERO. Years from now, it will not matter how much money she has, the car she drives, or where she lives, but that the world may be different because she was important in the life of a CHILD. She moved up the career ladder by obtaining an Associate degree in Business Administration and then a Bachelor’s degree in Education. She is currently working on a Master’s degree. She also has C.D.A., L.E.A.P. credentials. One of her greatest strengths is working with parents and their children, and being an advocate for the entire family. As a bilingual teacher, she is able to ensure that our children/parents receive quality care and respect, and that their children will develop their own motivation for learning.

Trinise Preito
Ms. Trinise has been working at Wesley Child Care Center for three years. She started as a student intern at Wesley and now she is a Teacher Assistant/Administrative Assistant. She helps out wherever she can.

Ms. Trinise is a student at Wheelock College majoring in Human Development-Counseling Psychology with a minor in Child Health. She expects to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in May 2017. Her ultimate goal is to graduate with a Master’s degree in Child Health in May 2018.

From a very young age, she has had a passion for children and families and wanted to make a difference in their lives. Each day the children teach her something new and there is never a dull moment. Play is very important to her because it is a major component in a child’s life. It helps promote creativity. Through play, it helps children to children to interact with the world around them.